1.1 By placing an order for repair or estimation, you certify that you are the device’s rightful owner and that you agree and understand MOBCUBE’S terms and conditions.


2.1 MOBCUBE will do our best to retain all data your device has, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost data, including;

• Contacts and messages
• Ringtones and audio files
• Photos & videos
• Music
• Applications

2.2. Please make sure that all important mobile data has been backed up before giving the device to us.


3.1 MOBCUBE warrant that our services will be provided with acceptable care, skill and technical knowledge and will take all necessary steps to avoid loss and damage.

3.2 A six (6) month warranty applies to most of our repair services e.g. LCD, speaker or charger port replacement.

3.3 Services excluded from our six (6) month warranty include physical damages, liquid or water damages, crack lcd or touch glass and mistreatment caused by the customer.

3.4 Also excluded from our six month warranty is when the customer supplies parts for repair.

3.5 We are only responsible for the part we replace. Devices will be inspected before return, and no extra issues with the device will be covered. E.g. If a LCD screen is replaced, and speaker fails to work properly, speaker is not covered on the warranty. We will advise you upon estimation if your repair will be excluded from our six (6) month warranty.

3.6 The warranty is voided if you take your device to a third party after it has been repaired by us.

3.7 In the event that repairs on your device become faulty within the warranty period, please return the device back to us with a copy of the receipt and the details of the current fault or error you are experiencing. We are not liable for the costs you incur in returning the device to us. We will conduct a thorough investigation and respond within three (3) working days.

3.8 If the problem is from the initial repair, we will conduct any further repair free of charge. If the device reveals further glitches not related to the original repair or due to parts not replaced in previous repair, we will contact you and discuss the matter and let you make a decision with regards to the cost of the repair.

3.9 We will attempt to repair your device TWICE after the initial repair. If afterwards, the device is still faulty, we will issue a partial refund. Cost of new parts repaired or replaced are not included.

3.10 We are not responsible for any further damage that may result from any estimation or repair attempt.


4.1 MOBCUBE provides a free repair estimate at all times.

4.2 We will aim to repair your device within twenty-four to forty-eight (24-48) hours of receiving it. Every repair varies in time and difficulty. Although most repairs can be done on the same day, sometimes we encounter further issues that slow the repair down.

4.3 If for any reason your repair will take longer, you will be notified with the reason and the estimated completion date.

4.4 If we need to order in new parts, the repair process may be delayed. We will keep you updated throughout the whole process.

4.5 Cost of special order parts is non-refundable, except when parts are unavailable.

4.6 If parts are unavailable after the deposit has been made, you will be notified. The customer has the option to wait until the part is available or full refund will be applicable.

4.7 Repairing or attempting repair can cause the device not to power on under certain circumstances. E.g. water or liquid damaged device, bad drop impact

4.8 Water or liquid damage repairs may require additional replacement parts that will be quoted to the customer at time of liquid damage assessment.

4.9 We do not refund a repair on a phone that has call barring or network block applied by its network provider. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the phone is legitimate. Unlocking a phone does not remove call barring or network block.


5.1 For special order parts, a deposit equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the cost of repair is required.

5.2 For all repairs or services, full payment is required upon completion.

5.3 Payment by cash or direct deposit is accepted.


6.1 After your device has been repaired, you have 30 days to pay for the repair before we recycle it. A $30 admin fee will apply if item is not paid for within 20 days of the repair date unless payment arrangements are made prior.


7.1 The customer must provide clear and correct information regarding the device’s fault.

7.2 The customer must pay and collect the device on time.


8.1 If a customer wishes to terminate our services or there is a change of mind, after an agreement has been done for a repair or a job number has been opened, payment for most services and deposit for parts ordered are not refundable.


9.1 Customer feedback/complaints should be advised verbally or in writing in the first instance. These will be dealt with in a timely and positive manner.


10.1 MOBCUBE shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the repair of, or the inability to repair, even if we have advised of the possibility of such damages. We provide clear advice on the likelihood of repair and associated issues.


11.1 MOBCUBE reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. Violent behavior is not tolerated, respect and courtesy is expected at all times.